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Transparent Glycerin Soap Base - SLS / SLES Free

RM15.50 MYR
Clear / translucent solid bar for melt and pour

- Vegetable based
- Good foaming
- High moisturizing content from glycerin which provides a pleasant skin feel
- Neutral odor provides compatiblity with wide range of fragrances and emollients
- Suitable for slicing or molding.
- SLS free which makes it non drying.
- No alcohol

pH (1% Aqueose Solution): 9.5-10.5
Physical Form at 30C: Solid
Recommended melting temperature: 55-65C

Transparent soap is also known as Glycerine Soap. It is made from 100% vegetable oil, in this case palm oil. The ingredients used for making Transparent Soap, apart from imparting the transparency, contribute many beneficial effects that conventional soaps are lacking.

Furthermore, no SLS is used, no materials of animal origin is used.

1. Mildness: Transparent Soap is a significantly milder than conventional soap. As such it is suitable for sensitive skin and problems associated with sensitive skin. On the on other hand, conventional tends to be more irritating and causes allergic reactions even to normal skin.

2. Moisturizing: Transparent Soap contains a high percentage of Glycerine, a strong moisturizing agent. It is particularly beneficial for dry skin due to sickness or old age or caused by detergents and other chemical agents.

3. Optimum Cleansing: Transparent Soap does not “over clean” the skin as conventional soap does because of its mildness. It cleans the skin of the “dirt” that is accumulated externally (from contact with the environment) or internally (discharges from the body), but not the layer of wax that is naturally present on the skin. In this way, it helps to ensure that the skin keeps its natural moisture and its natural tenderness, elasticity, and firmness.

Transparent soap is the universal soap suitable for all ages, all conditions and all occasions.

Other advantages of Transparent Soap:

1. It is more classy in presentation.
2. It can be made into more varieties of colours and moulded into more exotic forms.
3. By incorporating with specialty ingredients, products of unique selling points can be created.

Steps to make soap:
1. Melt soap base in microware/ normal kitchen with low heat.
2. Prepare your add-on materials (fragrance oil, essential oil/coconut oil/ shea butter/ cocoa butter/ vegetable glycerin etc)
3. Pour in the add-on materials and stir evenly
4. Add soap dye and stir evenly.
5. Pour mixture into a mold/ container. Let it set for 2-3 hours.
6. Your soap is ready once it is harden. You can wrap it in plastic bag for long term storage or start using it for cleansing/ shower.
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