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1pc Vegetarian Rennet Powder for Cheese Making

1pc Vegetarian Rennet Powder for Cheese Making

RM6.00 MYR
Powder Rennet:
1pc for around 50L milk. Approximately 1g per pc

Instructions for use:
1. Dissolve the needed amount of coagulant powder in a glass of fresh cold unchlorinated water (How to get that - boil water and let it cool down). Keep the remaining powder in the fridge for future use
2. Add the coagulant solution to the cheese milk and stir for 2 - 3 minutes
3. Leave the cheese milk to settle and coagulate
4. Do not keep part of the coagulant *solution* for later use.

Storage in fridge.
Powder: Store in 15C to 20C.
Additional info:
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