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7 / Seven White Whitening Herbs Powder 七子白面膜粉 - Ancient Royal Whitening Formula with 7 Traditional Chinese Herbs

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Seven White Powder is a mask made from 7 traditional Chinese Herbs
1. Atractylodes,
2. Angelica Dahurica,
3. Bletilla Rhizome,
4. Radix Ampelopsis,
5. White Poria,
6. White Peony Root,
7. Dry White Silkworm

1. Add Seven White powder and the liquid you want to add, eg water. Suggestion powder 1.25 : 2 Liquid
2. Stir until it becomes paste .
3. Apply mask on face for 15~20 min before washing.
4. Can be done 3 - 4 times per week.

Skin Whitening and in-depth cleansing, lighten spots, yellow blemish, and clear up acne.

成份: 白術、白芷、白芨、白蘞、白茯苓、白芍、 白僵蠶

用法: 每次取8-10克,用清水調成糊狀,均勻塗上面,待20-30分鐘後用清水洗淨

使用週期: 一星期可使用3-4次

功效: 淡斑, 淡痘印, 去黃, 美白, 嫩膚

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