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Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder / Serbuk Bunga Telang

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Clitoria ternatea, also referred to as the butterfly-pea, blue-pea, aprajita, Cordofan pea or Asian pigeonwings, is a plant from the family Fabaceae and is commonly found throughout South East Asia.

The bright blue petals from the flowers of the butterfly-pea plant have been used as an ingredient in herbal tea drinks throughout the region for centuries as well as used in cooking. The blue flower imparts its blue color when steeped in warm or hot water, leading it to being used as a dye, as well as to add color to various foods.

One of the distinctive characteristics of butterfly pea flower is that it will change color when the pH balance changes. A deep blue tea will turn purple with the addition of lemon juice, turning a deeper shade of purple the more lemon juice is added.
Mixed with fuchsia roselle hibiscus leaves the tea will turn a bright red color.
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  • hi , just out of curiosity before buying . are ALL your company's product is halal ? bcs i would like to purchase some items so it will help a lot if you guys can answer

    Good day, unfortunately not all suppliers are able to get certified halal.

    But most are halal and not in contact with any alcohol or animal products