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Calcium Oxide / CaO - Cosmetics Grade

Calcium Oxide / CaO - Cosmetics Grade

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Note - after testing, we found that Calcium Oxide doesn't give off heat when water is added. We do not know the reason.

Calcium oxide, also known as quicklime, is an alkaline substance which has been in use since the medieval age. It is believed that quicklime is one of the oldest chemicals known to the human race. It can also be referred to as burnt lime.

CAS NO.1305-62-0
INCI Name: Calcium oxide

Physical Properties:
Form: Powder
Odor: Odorless
Solubility: Soluble in glycerin and slightly soluble in water

- It is extensively used for medicinal purpose and insecticides.
- In manufacturing of cement, paper, and high-grade steel.
- Used as a reagent in laboratories for dehydration, precipitation, etc.
- It is the cheapest alkali available which is an important ingredient in the manufacturing of caustic soda.
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