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Fulvic Acid - Potassium Fulvate/Kalium Fulvat - Organic Fertilizer

Fulvic Acid - Potassium Fulvate/Kalium Fulvat - Organic Fertilizer

RM15.50 MYR
Potassium Fulvate is fulvic acid potassium salt, in powder form & its completely water soluble.

Functions :-

1. It is most essential natural chelating and complexing compound.
2. As an ultimate nutrient increaser, it is ideal as an important part of fertilizer programme.
3. It has most potential natural anti-oxidants.
4. It removes pollutants such as pesticides & herbicides and act as a plant growth stimulator, soil structure increaser and magnifier fertilizer.
5. It can decrease the leaves' opening degree, deducing the plants' water loss; Increase the content of chlorophyll, enhancing photosynthesis and increasing the out put. If it is used for vegetables and fruits, it can stimulate the enzyme production, increasing the content of Vitamin C and obtain a better taste.
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