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Magnesium Sulfate / Sulphate / Epsom Salt / Bitter Salt Food Grade, Pure

Magnesium Sulfate / Sulphate / Epsom Salt / Bitter Salt Food Grade, Pure

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INCI: Magnesium Sulphate
Other names: Epsom salt (heptahydrate); English salt; Bitter salt
CAS: 10034-99- 8 (heptahydrate)

- high-purity
- low content of secondary salts

An inorganic salt. It is a colorless and odorless substance with fine needle-like structures. It is often encountered as the heptahydrate sulfate mineral epsomite (MgSO4·7H2O), commonly called Epsom salt. The monohydrate, MgSO4·H2O is found as the mineral kieserite.

It is highly soluble in water. The anhydrous form is strongly hygroscopic, able to absorb large amounts of water and is an important laboratory desiccant. It is stable at normal conditions. When heated to high temperatures, it decomposes to give toxic fumes of sulfur oxides.

Magnesium Sulfate is used as a fertilizer. Magnesium is an essential element in the chlorophyll molecule, and Sulfur is another important micronutrient.

Specs: MgO 16% / Sulphur 13%

Food Preparation
It is used as a brewing salt in beer production to adjust the ion content of the brewing water and enhance enzyme action in the mash or promote a desired flavor profile in the beer. It is used as a coagulant for making tofu.

Cosmetic Uses
1. Healthy feet: Helps to treat athlete’s foot and toe nail fungal infections, alleviate the itching and burning and help heal feet faster.
2. Exfoliate Skin: Epsom Salt removes dead cells, helping the skin to look healthier and feel softer. It acts as a natural facial cleanser or face mask, dislodging blackheads.
3. Hair Cleanser: It removes build-up of hairspray or other styling product from your hair; it adds body to the hairs.
4. Use as a Hand Wash: Epsom salts mixed with baby oil creates a moisturizing hand cleanser. Regular use keeps the hands soft and clean.

Household uses
1. Wash Pots and Pans: Epsom salts helps to remove dirt stuck-on food more easily without damaging the cookware.
2. Clean Tile and Grout: Epsom salts mix with liquid dish detergent is a super effective tile and grout cleaner. Apply this mixture to dirty or stained surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen, or even outside and allow it to soak in for a minute or two. Then scrub away the loosened grime and rinse clean.
3. Removes Detergent Build-up in washing machine: Use Epsom salts to remove this unwanted gunk and keep the washer running more efficiently.
4. In The Garden: Magnesium sulfate may be used to fertilize for plants, green up your lawn, remove unwanted insect pests, and prevent slugs among other things.

Directions - can be applied as such:
1. As a bath salt: Dissolve the salt in warm water and soak the affected part in the solution, or apply with a piece of cotton.
2. Mix with other skin care products such as cream, lotion, or liquid and apply to the desired areas.
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