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Pink Curing Salt / Prague Powder / Instacure

Pink Curing Salt / Prague Powder / Instacure

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Pink Salt #1 / Also known as ""Pink Salt", "Quick Cure", "Curing Salt #1" or "Instacure #1"
Perfect for wet-curing/preserving sausages, white fish, ham, salami's, all types of bacon and more.
Contains 6.25% Sodium Nitrite
Use to preserve and wet-cure cooked meats like ham, salami, sausage, jerky, fish, and bacon.


Pink Curing Salt #2, also known as Prague Powder #2 or InstaCure #2
Use for long, slow cures of meat (weeks to months)
Contains 4% Sodium Nitrate and 6% Sodium Nitrite
Perfect to preserve and dry-cure salami, pepperoni, prosciutto and much more.

Generally used for meats that will be dry-cured for an extended time, which also do not require cooking, smoking or refrigeration before consumption.


Not to be confused with Pink Himalayan Salt, pink curing salt is a mixture of sodium chloride (table salt) and sodium nitrite / nitrate. It is dyed pink so that it won’t be confused with table salt, it should not be used in excess. Though it is used to cure meat, it is not present in finished, cured meats in a high enough dosage to cause issues.
This makes it entirely safe for the curing process.

As a curing agent, these salts serves to inhibit foreign growth and helps to maintain meat flavour and appearance.

We typically recommend 10g per 3.5kg of meat or 1 level teaspoon per every 2.5kg of meat.

it’s important to remember that pink curing salt by itself is harmful to humans when consumed directly. It should never be used as regular table salt and should not be sprinkled on food for flavoring. Pink curing salt is just that—curing salt. The most important health benefit of this salt is that it removes harmful microorganisms from meats, making them safe to eat.
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