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Pomegranate Powder - Food Grade

Pomegranate Powder - Food Grade

RM4.00 MYR

Pomegranate Powder is naturally sweet, easy to use and a great source of unique antioxidants. It is made from pomegranate juice and has a naturally sweet flavor.

Some ways to use:
1. Superfood smoothies. Add a spoonful of pomegranate powder to your smoothies before blending. It ups the nutrient content and adds beautiful flavor.

2. Powder sugar substitute. Use a sifter or mesh strainer to dust pomegranate powder over cakes, pancakes or waffles for a beautiful and comment-provoking presentation. It’s a refined-sugar alternative to dusting powdered sugar.

3. Natural food coloring. Pomegranate powder lends a beautiful pink shade without the artificial coloring agents found in conventional food coloring.

4. Hot Tea. Stir pomegranate powder into hot tea until dissolved. Add milk and sweetener if desired, the pomegranate powder lends a good sweetness.


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