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Charcoal /Carbon Powder Activated - Food/Pharma Grade

Charcoal /Carbon Powder Activated - Food/Pharma Grade

RM6.00 MYR
Powder form. Availalble in food and cosmetics grade. 
Food grade is acid washed to obtain high purity.
Various uses in pharmaceutical / cosmetics, and as deodorizer.
Provides purification of unwanted colours, odours, other other impurities from liquids, air, or solutions.
In cosmetics, used as mask for deep cleansing and absoprtion of impurities from skin and face
Home users recommended to get 100g. 

Micronized Activated Carbon is a very fine odourless, tasteless black powder made from wood by exposing it to very high temperatures in an air tight environment. It is pure carbon specially processed to break down the carbon particles sizes whereby creating an extra large surface area of about 1000 m2 per gram; thus making it highly adsorbent to both inorganic and organic chemicals.
Activated Carbon is inert to our body and is not absorbed in any way through the digestive system or through the skin. As such, it is completely safe to it use for removing disease causing wastes discharges and other toxic materials from our body internally or externally.

1. Internally
1.1 For digestive problems such as gas & bloating, food poisoning, heart burn.
1.2 For relief of constipation, suppression of fat adsorption due to over eating, suppression of gas production due to indigestion.
1.3 For treatment of alcohol poisoning & helps prevent hangovers.
1.4 For use as a tooth powder, whitening the teeth.

2. Externally:
2.1 For wound addressing for adsorption of body fluid discharged. At the same time, it will adsorb the toxins produced by the bacteria that had infected the wound.
2.2 For pimples treatment, it adsorbs the oily discharges produced by the sweat grands, preventing infection and accumulation which ends up blocking the follicles leading to the formation of unsightly pimples.
2.3 For oily skin management, maintaining the skin in a more healthy condition.
2.4 For removal of wastes, toxins and free radicals excreted by skin as a result of metabolism, thereby imparting an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and ant-pigmentation effect on the skin.

3. Household Applications:
3.1 As deodorizer: For removable of foul smells in enclosed spaces such as cabinets, fridge, car, etc.
3.2 As filter: For removing chlorine, heavy metals, organic impurities, pollutants in pipe water; removing toxic gases and fumes and dusts in the air (for breathing).
3.3 As a soil conditioner: For better and more robust growth of plants and flowers.
3.4 As an organic fungicide for preventing mold growth in damp and dark places.
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Store in a cool dry place.
The above information is for your reference only, kindly seek the relevant professional advice in term on the applications.


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