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Triple Superphosphate TSP /  Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate / Monocalcium Phosphate / Ca(H2PO4)2 .H2O

Triple Superphosphate TSP / Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate / Monocalcium Phosphate / Ca(H2PO4)2 .H2O

RM6.00 MYR
45% P2O5
15% Ca
NPK 0 - 45 - 0
Water soluble P: Generally > 90%
Solution pH 1- 3

Triple superphosphate (TSP) was one of the first high-analysis phosphorus (P) fertilizers that became widely used in the 20th century. Technically, it is known as calcium dihydrogen phosphate and as monocalcium phosphate, [Ca(H2PO4)2 .H2O]. Despite its excellent history as a P source, its use has declined as other P fertilizers have become more popular.

Agricultural use

TSP has several agronomic advantages that made it such a popular P source for many years. It has the highest P content of dry fertilizers that don’t contain nitrogen (N). Over 90 percent of the total P in TSP is water soluble, so it becomes rapidly available for plant uptake. As soil moisture dissolves the granule, the concentrated soil solution becomes acidic. TSP also contains 15 percent calcium (Ca), providing an additional plant nutrient.

A major use of TSP is in situations where several solid fertilizers are blended together for broadcasting on the soil surface or for application in a concentrated band beneath the surface. It’s also desirable for fertilization of leguminous crops, such as alfalfa or beans, where no additional N fertilization is needed to supplement biological N fixation.

Non-agricultural uses

Monocalcium phosphate is an important ingredient in baking powder. The acidic monocalcium phosphate reacts with an alkaline component to produce carbon dioxide, the leavening for many baked products. Monocalcium phosphate is commonly added to animal diets as an important mineral supplement of both P and Ca.

Source: Nutrient Source Specifics, No. 14, International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)
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